Réalisation de film

Filmmakers and Photographers

Innovations in hybrid cameras and drone allow us to be agile in every situations. We create professionnal video content for social medias campains, adds, and website design.  We are attentive to match with your visual identity in order to preserve the harmony in your digital communication.


Ask for professionnal photographies for your project ! In our team of photographers, there are specialists of portrait, architecture, gardens (landscapes), food and products photography answer to your need.

As web content creators we keep update of the last “Google friendly” requirements. It is essential to create a technical content in order to be visible by google bots. We build One Page websites and SEO audit existing websites.

Companies and State Institutions called 50 Secondes !

For corporate and insititutionnal visual materials, you can call us and we will be happy to advice you about your project. If we see we can work together, our team will bring the best of their motivation, all along the project, to create a unique content and tell your original story.

From script writing to shooting and editing, we’ll create the most persuasive content for your audience.

Luc Compagnon

photographe, videomaker

Our clients

50 secondes de lumière is making videos to enhance your business

Together, let's tell your story...

Presentation of a french Cafe-Bakery / NY

Mariage / Normandie, France

Aliona bakushina Photographer

I like to work worldwide, and have new and challenging projects every week.

Aliona Bakushina


find the beauty in Everyone and everything...


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